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All about horror gaming, authoring, multimedia design and comic book development based on our Gospels of Izal program. Using Clickteam's Fusion 2 game engine, with multi-platform exports.

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Posted by ArcheonMedia - August 4th, 2019

Good day fellow gamers. My apologies for not posting a new update but I have other irons in the fire that are getting a bit hotter. No problem.

True to some of the comments on the previous games (that are promotional, friends, not full blown game entries) I mentioned we were updating Doctor Terror for some longer play, added locations and a few puzzles to see how we do on this submission. The game was actually a 5 frame play (minus the Sales Frame, Credits and so on) but now has expanded to nearly 30 frame locations. We have a few extras in there as well.

Please keep posted...we are working with diligence on getting this one released asap. Here is a single screenshot of the setup.


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Posted by ArcheonMedia - June 20th, 2019

Good day, players. So I decided - based on the comments of our latest players - to take our 5th game, Doctor Terror, and add some puzzles, exploration frames and add some player interaction with the game itself. We should be done in a few weeks so please stay tuned for this release.

These are more promotional games rather than full mode which is why thay are so short, as several player noted. Our "Netherworld" and the pending "The Amulet" should bring more to the play screen.

A screenshot of the "control room" for "Doctor Terror" in Morningside State Hospital where the player uses as a base for his paranormal investigations. Point and click format. Same, daunting and spooky atmosphere. Coming soon...



Posted by ArcheonMedia - June 10th, 2019

I could hardly wait to share news about our Magnus Opus - "The Amulet" - that is waiting in the wings for delivery. The game is a point-n-click gothic horror game with an different twist using B&W photos and, of all things, stop motion animation puppets! The game tells the story of the Thompson family in the Eastern United States. They built a castle in the mountains over an old mine and came out with "a very ancient secret". Of course the outcome is not going to be a very favorable conclusion.

I created this game several years ago as a sister game to our "The Forbidden", the latter now a published novella and intended for the bright lights of an LA film company. The game uses greenscreen, models, puppets and old gothic style photographs to create a dark, surreal atmosphere.

The "Classics Illustrated" cover is an inspiration I had if the game were made into a comic by this iconic company that illustrated many well known and famous novels by the world's greatest authors. Why could I not have one? So I commissioned a cover to be produced, and turned the image into a Classics Illustrated product. I really loved these comics and they were very popular back in the day. Besides, I am hoping our works will have a comic line soon. The scene on the cover occurs in the game back story and is told in the game structure.

The game uses quite a few new ideas that I am hoping many of you horror dabblers will approve of - and B movie users as well. More news coming as we get closer to continuing production.

Info on "The Amulet" project page is here: http://www.archeonmedia.com/page4.html

Screencaps are here in our News Section: http://www.archeonmedia.com/page25.html


Rolando Gutierrez

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Posted by ArcheonMedia - June 5th, 2019

Greetings Horror Connoisseurs!

Here is something to keep the interest...I wanted something to represent our second most anticipated game before "The Amulet", so I thought "well, why not share some of art from our Archeon Media facebook page and show what is in the works" - so here we are. 

Here is the promo box art for "Netherworld - The Legend of Justin Smith".

You can see the screencaps at http://archeonmedia.com/page18.html. I've been considering a dedicated development blog on this game more in depth for the players and that just might be in the works. The assets are near done for this top down / point-n-click and the development material is captivating. 

For PC, IOS, Android and Flash. CD Rom disc with Extras.

Netherworld is not far away :)


Rolando Gutierrez

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Posted by ArcheonMedia - June 4th, 2019

While we release some our smaller, simpler mini horrors for your entertainment... our top down horror game "Netherworld - The Legend of Justin Smith" is ready to continue production. We have been working on this for over six months and this is the second most ambitious project we are developing. Netherworld ties into our book series called the Yidath Cycle and this is just a little something to put news out there on our publications. It has been a long road and we are happy everyone has been supporting us so far. 

Interested parties can follow the Netherworld preview page and primary trailer to get a atmospheric of the game ( see http://archeonmedia.com/page18.html). You can see some of our screenshots that have been produced during the completion of the game here too. No spoilers there! 

Netherworld is a combination of point-n-click and top down single player detailing a family curse that has involved the last three men of the Smith family - that has obvious Lovecraftian overtones - with an interesting mingling of the two formats with 2D frames, puzzles, click, top down and laced with generous magical and special effects. 



Posted by ArcheonMedia - June 4th, 2019

Greeting from the offices of Archeon Media...I am happy to be here and we hope to have some exciting times coming for you as we make our 3rd home here on Newgrounds. Our upcoming mini and major horrors have been waiting to be unleashed and we have much more coming down the line that I hope will put all you horror connoisseurs on notice. 

I had developed the "vision" of our "monster" games to give the game player a little more than just play...we have several nice bonuses for gamers who want to learn about coding using events. The Flash Vault, dedicated to point-n-click short horror gaming, was created to provide not only the games on disc, but source code, behind the scenes, commentaries and a few tutorials. You can even reskin the coding for your own games. 

See the Flash Vault Source Code Edition here at http://archeonmedia.com/page19.html and some background on the product here http://archeonmedia.com/page14.html. We will keep you posted on street availability as well as making the disc available as a downloadable. 

We use Clickteam's Fusion 2 with multiple exports on one native source file: IOS, Android, HTML5, Windows and MAC. How convenient can it be? You can see Clickteam's website here https://www.clickteam.com on their products and massive asset and tutorial bases at the Clickstore. 

For our dedicated movie fanatics we use B movie stop motion animation and model techniques to compose some of our gaming project's atmospherics, to step over the CGI threshold and bring the Old School techniques back to the spotlight. If you are fan, stop in here http://archeonmedia.com/page15.html

Remember, be sure to visit the development and News Section at www.archeonmedia.com and see our Archeon Media facebook page for social media updates. 


Rolando Gutierrez

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